Are you a “go-getter” or a “caller”?

are you a go-getter or a caller?Nona Jordan (the Business Yogini) talks about how some business owners go out and “get” clients, whereas others “call” clients to them. After a painful year of trying to be a “go-getter” – mostly through cold calling – this year I’ve come to the realisation that I’m more of a “caller”.

Don’t get me wrong – being a “caller” isn’t about sitting on your behind and visualising clients coming to you in their droves! The Law of Attraction simply does not work like that, although there are some people who would tell you otherwise.

No. As a “caller”, you still need to put yourself out there – to get yourself known. You still need to network, blog, or use social media to connect with other people. You still need to be visible.

The difference is that, whereas a “go-getter” would then pursue people relentlessly with e-mails and phone calls (and I apologise right here to the people I pursued last year!), as a “caller”, your job is simply to get yourself known in the right circles. To tell your story. To talk about what you believe in, what’s important to you, and what makes you laugh.

As people get to know you, they will ask about working with you. Two of the people who have contacted me so far, this year – both of whom I’ve known for a while – said: “I don’t really know what it is you do, but I need help with something, and I thought of you.”

It might take a little longer to “call” clients, rather than going out and “getting” them. And it might seem as though you’re not in control of the process. But if you’re an introvert (which I’ve realised I predominantly am), it feels more comfortable, not having to push – allowing your personality to shine through and win people over, rather than having to blow your own trumpet all the time.

When people want to work with you because of who you are, and because you’ve made a connection with them – rather than it just being about what you can do for them – it’s a great feeling!

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About the author Julia Barnickle - The Quiet EntrepreneurJulia Barnickle is a film maker, photographer, artist and writer, and the founder of The Quiet Entrepreneur community for introverts in business. She offers visibility coaching to raise your online profile, and helps you create videos to promote and deliver your services.

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  • What a relief for us introverts Julia!! And I’ve found that it is impossible to know what impact you’ve had on somebody. For example I have worked with two people this year who I met about 5 years ago when I was employed by the same organisation. Not had much contact since but they remembered me when they needed someone to do training and coaching.
    Gina Musa recently posted..Carry on RegardlessMy Profile

    • Julia Barnickle

      That’s great news, Gina! I think we often underestimate just how much of an impact we have on other people, especially when we’re truly being ourselves. And it’s such a great feeling, isn’t it, when someone contacts you again, out of the blue!

  • Hi Julia,
    I enjoyed reading this article – it’s something I too have struggled with in the past. I’ve been told so many times I have to “go out marketing”, and then feel pressured as it doesn’t feel right, but then I worry about not doing “the right thing”.
    But reading this, I can see I should just listen to my intuition & realise that the way I have been doing it is ok!! I’ve been in business for almost 4 years and have yet to print a flyer or post an advert – almost all of my business comes from word of mouth recommendations, or meeting and connecting with people. So nice to know it has a name, and is a way that people do successfully do business – thanks!
    best wishes

    • Julia Barnickle

      Glad you found it useful, Tracey! I think it proves, once again, that there isn’t just “one way” to do things. We know that’s true in the things we’re good at – but sometimes we allow ourselves to forget that, when it comes to marketing our services!!

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