To Buy or Not To Buy

burning moneyMy credit card supplier has just written to me, to advise me that they’ve increased my credit limit.

Whilst this is good news, from the point of view of creditworthiness, it’s also potentially dangerous, because I’m seriously considering using the extra credit to buy myself a new laptop!

Now, you might be thinking: that’s fair enough – a laptop is a reasonable business expense.

But I don’t want to buy just ANY laptop. I want to get one of the new, lightweight notebooks – and they’re quite a bit more expensive.

Head -v- Heart

I don’t tend to buy based on emotion. Usually, I buy based on 1) need and 2) price – and I will go round and round in circles, until I forget why I thought I needed the thing in the first place!

So why is it so imperative that I have one of the more expensive, lightweight laptops, instead of the cheaper option of a portable brick?

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, one of my goals is for my business to be location-independent. I want to be able to sit with my laptop, writing articles or running projects anywhere I choose – whether that be by the pool of a sun-drenched villa, or in a local park or café with wifi access. So I want to be able to travel light.

So it’s really got very little to do with the technical specifications, and everything to do with the lifestyle I’m envisaging. Which is why it’s so enticing, and why there’s a real danger that I might go back on my promise to myself, to never EVER use credit cards again!!

Realise the Potential

We’re always being told, as business owners, that we need to “sell the benefits” rather than the features of our products and services. But I think it’s more than that. We need to empathise with our clients’ aspirations – the kind of lifestyle they want – and we need to offer them something that will help them along the way.

We have to tread carefully, though, so we don’t encourage our clients to get into debt. We also need to avoid the cheesy kind of adverts that are prevalent at the moment – like the one for a particular brand of credit card: “Realise the Potential”. I really hate that advert – I want to scream at the TV:

It’s a credit card, for goodness sake!!!

So, anyway – returning to my buying dilemma. I can console myself with the knowledge that “this, too will pass”. I will not be tempted. My sensible side will out, and I won’t even call the credit card company to accept their generous offer.

Instead, I’ll wait for the day when I can walk into the shop with my head held high, and pay for the laptop with cash – thus achieving my lifestyle goal AND my financial goal!

Update: I did it – I found the cash to pay for the laptop without resorting to credit!

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