Ode To Joy

ode-to-joyRecently, on my Facebook page, I’ve posted 3 classical flashmobs. This one – featuring Vallès Symphony Orchestra, the choirs of Lieder and Friends of l’Opera and the Choral Belles Arts, and conducted by Josef Vila Casañas – is “Ode To Joy”, and I think it’s my favourite.

I admire the way the instrumentalists appear from nowhere, carrying anything from a violin to a double-bass or a set of timpani. But it’s the voices in this particular flashmob that make it so special.

I love music of all kinds (well, mostly…), and the sound of various types of instrument can give me goose bumps. When someone sings, though, it connects straight to my heart.

That’s what your marketing should do. Never mind what you’re trying to sell me. Tell me about yourself. Connect with me. Be authentic.

What I like most about these flashmobs is that they’re done simply to bring joy into people’s lives. OK, they may raise the profile of the orchestra or dance group or singers, but I doubt there’s any direct correlation between their action and the results they get.

They just do it to spread joy. To entertain. To make a connection. To cheer people up on a dull Monday morning commute into work. Whatever.

To me, that should be the purpose of everything we do.

Not just to make money – although, if what we do is good enough, money will be a natural by-product. But simply to connect with other human beings, and to make the world a better place in whatever way we can.

That’s what makes being in business worthwhile.



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