How Wealth Dynamics Helped My Business

“If you are doing anything that feels like hard work, you are already doing the wrong thing.”
Roger Hamilton

Wealth DynamicsI may have mentioned before that I’m not keen on labels. As a “Scanner” / polymath / multipotentialite / “Renaissance Soul” / multiple specialist AND an Introvert (all labels, of course), I’m afraid of being typecast – of being put in a pigeon-hole.

Sometimes, though, by shunning labels, I have caused myself problems which could have been avoided.

After all, I tell myself now, a label is simply a way of communicating how you work, or what you do.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the concept of Wealth Dynamics, a personality profiling tool created by Roger Hamilton. It’s based on Myers-Briggs and the I-Ching, and it suggests how you can be most successful at creating wealth in your business.

Going Against The Flow

When I did the test, I came out as a “Supporter”. My instant reaction was: “I don’t want to be a Supporter – I’ve been a Supporter all my life. I want to be a Star or a Creator!”

I told myself that personality questionnaires are not infallible – that there hadn’t been enough questions to arrive at a conclusion – and that I had been answering the questions with my “corporate IT” hat on. I simply hadn’t adapted my answers to reflect my new reality as a solo-entrepreneur.

That’s what I thought. And I stuck to that belief for 6 years, during which time my business failed to flourish. Admittedly, during that time I was also diagnosed with breast cancer, which does tend to put a slight dent in your plans. But, nonethless, it has to be said that my business could have been better.

Friends couldn’t understand why I wasn’t more successful – I was multi-talented, and I kept trying new things. Several of my friends even said how much they admired me for being so entrepreneurial. And, in fairness, I learned a lot of useful stuff, during those 6 years, that I’m now able to use to help my clients.

But it was a stressful time – and I realise, now, that all of that stress could have been avoided, if I had only accepted the label of “Supporter”. After all, as I said, I’ve been a Supporter all my life! I’m a very good second-in-command – I was even a Seconder in the Brownies! – and I’m great at “oiling the wheels” and keeping relationships going, to ensure the success of a project.

Wealth Dynamics – Getting Into Flow

This year, my business has taken off – and the difference is that I’ve started acting like a Supporter. I’ve aligned myself with clients who have created coaching and training programmes that they want to publish on-line – and who need help with the technical implementation of those programmes.

What I’ve come to realise is that I don’t have to ONLY be a Supporter – that’s just that my main route for generating income. In my spare time, I can be a Creator and a Star – but that’s probably not how I’ll make my fortune!

If you’ve been struggling at all in your business, it could be that you’re trying to do something you’re not best suited to. In that case, I would thoroughly recommend taking the Wealth Dynamics test, to find your flow as an entrepreneur.

Stop Press

I re-took the Wealth Dynamics test recently and found out that I now have a “Star” profile . How is that possible? Read: How Can My Wealth Dynamics Profile Change?

About the author Julia Barnickle - The Quiet EntrepreneurJulia Barnickle is a film maker, photographer, artist and writer, and the founder of The Quiet Entrepreneur community for introverts in business. She offers visibility coaching to raise your online profile, and helps you create videos to promote and deliver your services.

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  • Great article, Julia. What I’ve noticed from folks who initially didn’t like their results, is that their answers were based on a mix of their natural tendencies along with what they have been conditioned to behave due to social pressures, or occupation.

    For example, I know a Star Profile who constantly forces herself to be a Creator (it is her secondary profile, after all) because all of her life, she had been discouraged to do the things that fit the Star profile. So even though she had a natural tendency to be a Star, she had not exercised it enough to even realize that what she really was at the core.

    If we are right-handed, and have been forced to write with our left-hand, if someone were to ask us were we right or left-handed, we may say left, because we didn’t know any better…or we may say right, but not agree since we’ve been writing with our left all this time.

    What do you think, Julia?
    Valentino Crawford recently posted..By: Valentino CrawfordMy Profile

    • You make some good points, Valentino. I had a similar experience to the ones in your analogy, which is why I posted an update – I was definitely encouraged to be a supporter during my IT career, but I have since realised that I find it stressful, which would indicate that it’s not what I am at the core.

  • I had taken the test last year and understand my role. I am a Creator by every definition of Wealth Dynamics. I know I need to find a good Supporter and Deal Maker.

    I have looked everywhere for a place that lists WD profiles to connect. In fact, I even created a plan to do this and gave it to James Hamilton last year. Unfortunately, he never contacted me regarding the idea.

    I would love to connect with my counterparts so we can get the ball roiling on major wealth creation. Please feel free to contact me if you would like.
    Craig Tilley recently posted..Governor Rick Scott About Climate Science I Have Not Been ConvincedMy Profile

    • A Wealth Dynamics directory would be very handy, Craig – although I imagine it could end up being huge and impossible to navigate! One great way I’ve found, to connect with other WD profiles, is to join one of John Williams’ “Screw Work Let’s Play” 30 Day Challenges. John is an advocate for WD and encourages all participants to get their profile – so, within the community, you can see who are the Creators, the Supporters, the Deal Makers, the Lords, etc. It might be worth you joining the next challenge…

  • stuart kerslake

    I appreciate I’m coming at this a bit late Julia, but I was browsing your blogs, saw this one and just wanted to add my thoughts.

    I love networking, have loads of contacts, and felt I was a Deal Maker or possibly a Supporter; it was only when I discovered Wealth Dynamics and did my profile, that I realised I’m a Star – indeed there is virtually no Deal Maker in my profile.

    Which explains why I could never make any money out of connecting people and many of my connections came to naught – wrong people for the time or wrong time for the people. Now I either use my intuition whether to connect people or simply say, “it seems like you two should know each other.. Sally meet Harry”.

    Roger Hamilton describes our primary profile as “the game we play best” (or in a team sport analogy, the position we best play in). Whilst during my rugby playing years I actually played every one of the 15 positions for at at least part of a game (hey it was fun rather than serious rugby), the game I best played was in the back row, ideally number 8. When I played elsewhere I felt like a fish out of water, often got in my team-mates way and was definitely inefficient.

    I see Wealth Dynamics like that – play in your best position, only fill in for others if you really have to, and find someone who loves playing there to replace you as soon as possible.

    • Julia Barnickle

      Your thoughts are very welcome, Stuart – it’s never too late! I love your analogy of playing rugby – I think a lot of people would identify with that sort of team-sport situation, whereas it can be difficult to see how your WD profile applies. And I think you’re absolutely right – it’s not that we can’t do the other jobs, but it’s more efficient, more profitable and much more fun to be playing the game we play best. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Julia,
    This is an interesting read as, like you , I did not like my WD profile when I first got it. I came out as a Trader but suspected it wasn’t quite right and feel the Accumulator was a better fit. I always wondered how this would help me in my business if I didn’t want to be a trader or investor of some sort.
    I recently re-read the profile and found it to be quite accurate in terms of personality traits and also when I reflect back on my “wealth”, I am definitely a saver – so I guess the Accumulator is right for a wealth profile.
    Picking up your train of thought, I too think I can be a Star or a Creator at times but maybe my true wealth will be made from having several income streams with enough coming in to always invest further.
    Karen Revell recently posted..The Freedom ParadoxMy Profile

    • Julia Barnickle

      It’s funny, isn’t it, how none of us seems to agree with our WD profile! I think the truth is, we can be a bit of everything. As you say, though, your best bet is probably from having several income streams that enable you to invest further – in fact, I think that’s probably the best bet for all of us!

  • Tim Gray

    I find WD interesting, and I think it gave the right answer for me (Mechanic). It’s not telling you who to be, but reflecting back what you look like when viewed from a certain direction…

    • Julia Barnickle

      That’s a good way of putting it, Tim. I think, when I first got my Wealth Dynamics profile, I thought I “had” to be a Supporter and nothing else – which is a bit daft, on reflection! Now I’ve realised it’s a guideline, or a recommendation – and I’m finding it’s working well for me.

  • I can only agree with you Julia. Fighting who we are NEVER works. Discovering who we are and working to our strengths is how we gain mastery of our work and our finances. I am so delighted for you that your business is flowing now!

    • Julia Barnickle

      Thanks, Martine. In future, I shall pay attention to whether something flows easily or is a struggle!

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