The Reason Why I Blog

blogA couple of months ago, I set myself a challenge to write a blog post every day for 30 days. Recently, someone asked me to summarise the experience in one sentence.

My first thought was: “it was exhausting!”. Then I said: “it was a really good discipline.” However, I completely forgot to say how rewarding I found it.

I love writing – the problem was that I just wasn’t doing it. Or at least, not regularly. I still don’t write all that regularly, but I’m working on it.

The 30 day writing challenge that I set myself was an opportunity to make time to write articles – because it does take time, and if I’m already trying to cram too much in to the day, my writing seems to take a back seat. Over the course of the 30 day challenge, though, my writing took priority – sometimes over paid work!

So it was rewarding, simply to be writing something every day – what I found even more rewarding, though, was getting comments from people who had read my articles.

That’s the whole point of writing a blog, in my opinion. Whilst I write because I want to – and I write about things that interest me – nevertheless, the reason for publishing a blog is to connect with people, and hopefully to change people’s lives by inspiring them to do something they might not otherwise have done.

My blog is a mixture of inspiration, motivation, internet marketing and web tech tips, to inspire people and help them build the sort of business that will support the lifestyle they want. That’s why I’ve started to write about having a location-independent business. That’s one of my goals, and I want to share my progress with other entrepreneurs who are on the same quest.

Blogging is also a part of my social media marketing strategy (more about that later…). It’s a way of drawing people to my website, so that they can get to know more about me and what I do. Without a blog, I’d have no reason to encourage people to visit my site – other than to sell something.

The reason why I blog is twofold:

  • it fulfils my need to write and to share thoughts and inspiration with others
  • it enables me to start building a relationship with people who visit my website

If you’re not currently blogging for your business, I think you’re missing a wonderful opportunity to connect with potential clients, and to make a few friends too!

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