Marketing Skills for the Budding Entrepreneur

The Cheese Mall - Key Marketing Skills for the Budding EntrepreneurWhen I was asked to review “The Cheese Mall – Key Marketing Skills for the Budding Entrepreneur” by Bernie Tracey, I was a bit nervous. I’ve not reviewed a book before, and I wasn’t sure I’d have anything useful to say.

From the cover, you know that this is going to be no ordinary marketing manual. By telling the story of twins Millie and Matthew – two mice who decide to set up in business, selling cheese – Bernie has created a fun way to learn how to launch a new enterprise and market it successfully.

In the tradition of all good storytelling, it’s a hero’s quest…

Millie and Matthew’s story starts when the company they work for announces redundancies, and they lose their jobs. Rather than looking for another job, they decide to become entrepreneurs and to fill a gap, left by their previous employer, in a specialist area of the cheese market.

Just like in real life, Millie and Matthew’s parents aren’t all that keen on the idea. They think it will be too risky, and are hoping the twins will see sense and get a job instead. Fortunately, though, Millie and Matthew are able to give each other the support they need to keep going, and to stay focused on their dream, rather than giving in to the nay-sayers.

Each chapter of the book covers a different piece of the marketing jigsaw puzzle – which you can come back to, once you’ve got the big picture from reading the whole of Millie and Matthew’s story:

  • Getting Started
  • The Business Plan
  • The Marketing Audit
  • Market Segmentation
  • Building a Brand
  • Marketing Communications
  • Strategic Objectives

The Cheese Mall is not intended to be an in-depth guide to marketing. Rather, it’s an easy-to-read starter for 10 – to set you off on the right road, or to act as a reminder if you’ve strayed off the path. And for that, I give it 10 out of 10. 🙂

Author Biography
Bernie Tracey works with enterprise boards and SME companies and also coaches at executive level in organisations. She has worked in many sectors and has over 20 years business management experience which has given her a deep insight into the myriad of issues that business owners and senior executives face on a daily basis. Visit Bernie’s website at Beacon Coaching Consultancy to learn more.

On Wednesday 5th December, Write On Track will be reviewing The Cheese Mall, and will give away a copy of the book to mark the end of the virtual book tour.

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  • I think I’d give it ten out of ten too Julia, loving your blog btw, Marie introduced me to it and it is so inspiring. One particular post was timed perfectly for a dilemma I had 🙂

    • Julia Barnickle

      Thanks for your feedback, Lorna – that’s really good to hear. It can sometimes feel like a leap of faith, writing in the blogosphere, can’t it?!

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