10 Things You Might Like To Know About Introverts

10 things about introverts
There are many misconceptions about introverts – and, of course, we’re not all the same. This list is based on my own preferences and on observations of introverted friends.

  1. Introverts re-charge their batteries by spending time alone. When they don’t get enough “alone time”, they can become exhausted and cranky.
  2. Not all introverts are shy. Some are shy, while others are happy to perform on stage, as long as they’re not required to mingle with the audience afterwards.
  3. Introverts live in their heads a lot and can spend hours staring into space, apparently doing nothing. In fact, they might be working on the next “big thing” to revolutionise society.
  4. Introverts are quietly spoken, but when they’re talking about a topic they’re passionate about, they can become quite animated – which is sometimes mistaken for extroversion.
  5. Introverts often don’t contribute to group discussions because they prefer to reflect before offering an opinion and can become overwhelmed when lots of people are talking at once.
  6. Introverts are good problem solvers. They are analytical and enjoy thinking things through but are not very good at coming up with an inspired guess when put on the spot.
  7. Introverts prefer to work alone or in a small team, and to socialise with one or two close friends at a time, so they can have more in-depth conversations.
  8. Introverts can enjoy a party as much as extroverts – although not at the end of a busy day or week. They can be found in the kitchen, putting the world to rights.
  9. Introverts favour on-line interaction because they can quietly log out when they start to feel overwhelmed, without appearing rude.
  10. Introverts make loyal friends and co-workers when treated with respect and not expected to behave like bubbly extroverts.

About the author Julia Barnickle - The Quiet EntrepreneurJulia Barnickle is a film maker, photographer, artist and writer, and the founder of The Quiet Entrepreneur community for introverts in business. She offers visibility coaching to raise your online profile, and helps you create videos to promote and deliver your services.

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  • Your list is spot on! I really enjoyed the post!
    Julie Jamison recently posted..My Top 20 Picks for Affordable Home Decor StoresMy Profile

    • Julia Barnickle

      Thank you – I’m glad it resonated with you, Julie. I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg…!

  • This is a great blog post and I really appreciate the work you are doing. As an entrepreneur who is about 85% introverted-INFJ (on a good day) yet can enjoy performing and being the center of attention when I’m passionate about a topic or issue I can very much relate to these points. I’ve studied a lot of personality systems and modalities as this is part of my coaching/training practice and even I underestimated the struggle of being introverted and trying to find authentic and comfortable ways of marketing and acquiring new clients. I am deeply put off by sleezy or “standard practice” marketing strategies and have been searching for ways to get the word out about me and my partner’s (who is also introverted) practice that is in alignment with our values, aesthetic sensibilities and mission. This blog has some great information and is a lighthouse in an extroverted stormy sea. I look forward to reading more.

    • Julia Barnickle

      Thank you Sterlin – I love your description of The Quiet Entrepreneur blog being “a lighthouse in an extroverted stormy sea”, and I’m glad you found us. I look forward, over the coming weeks and months, to sharing more introvert-friendly, authentic and comfortable ways to market your business.

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