Team Up With An Extrovert

Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone - introverts team up with an extrovert

Sometimes it’s the most unlikely people who turn out to be introverts. For example, who’d have thought of Robert De Niro as an introvert?

I certainly didn’t, until I saw him being interviewed, along with Sylvester Stallone, by one of the BBC Breakfast News reporters. Stallone is a good storyteller, and it made for a very funny interview. For starters, the interviewer didn’t know what he should call them.

“I’m Bob”, De Niro replied.

The interviewer was visibly taken aback, and couldn’t bring himself to call De Niro “Bob”. The best he could manage was “Robert”. On the other hand, he appeared more comfortable calling Stallone “Sly”, after hearing the story of where the nickname came from.

Throughout the interview, De Niro hardly said a word, until the interviewer posed a question directly to him. Even then, he struggled to reply. Fortunately, Stallone came to his aid.

I suppose a lot of “performers” (actors, musicians, speakers) are introverts – and being interviewed by the media is one of the hazards of the job. So, in those situations it really does help to have an extrovert fill the space for you, so that you can simply be yourself.

I have to say, my opinion of Sylvester Stallone went up 100%, after this interview!

Watch the interview below:

What situations do you find yourself in, where it might be useful to team up with an extrovert?

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