Handling Mass Communication As An Introvert

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From The Quiet Entrepreneur Introvert Coach mailbox:

“I find the “1 to MANY” character of communication challenging. I become really shy when I feel I am ‘broadcasting’ a message. I wonder if it is really true for all or not, whether it comes across as bragging, whether I am intruding into people’s time and attention. I feel I should write personal, individual messages that connect with people. So, I want to promote myself and my business but I dread the idea of being flooded in requests and e-mails that I then have to answer.”

Broadcasting a message

This is a common challenge – not only for introverts, but it is especially relevant to introverts. How do you communicate with your followers in a way that comes across as personal, rather than simply “broadcasting a message” to a mass audience.

As introverts, our preference is to communicate with people one a one-to-one basis – or in very small groups – so any kind of mass communication seems counter-intuitive. However, you can get round this problem by changing your perception of mass communication.

Handling overwhelm

I agree that you absolutely MUST write personal, individual messages that connect with people. But that doesn’t mean that you have to write to each individual… individually. It would be overwhelming. When I first started to get enquiries from introverts via The Quiet Entrepreneur blog, I was replying to them on an individual basis – and I very quickly got bogged down.

Then I noticed that a lot of the enquiries were similar – and I realised it would be better if I replied to individuals’ queries on the blog, even if the challenge isn’t relevant to everyone. It means I’m able to manage my workload more effectively, while still giving a personal response to an individual challenge – and other introverts who are struggling with the same challenge can also benefit from my insight.

Intruding into people’s time and attention

You say that you are concerned about “intruding into people’s time and attention.” However, if people are reading your blog, then they have chosen to do so – and they can leave if it’s taking up too much of their time and attention.

If you’re using an e-mail newsletter to build a relationship with your tribe, it only goes to people who have chosen to subscribe – and they can choose to unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive it. So, you see, it’s their choice whether or not to connect with your message.

Personal, individual messages that connect with people

Whether you’re writing a blog post, doing a webinar or filming a video to-camera, imagine that you are speaking to ONE person, rather than a group of people – because, in fact, you ARE only speaking to one person. Only one person at a time is reading your blog or watching your webinar or video.

Write or speak as though you’re talking to a friend and sharing your thoughts and experiences with them. When you share your journey with a group of people, they will each interpret what you say in a way that helps them as individuals.

If you have a specific challenge around promoting your business as an introvert, and you would like help with it, Ask The Quiet Entrepreneur’s Visibility Coach.

About the author Julia Barnickle - The Quiet EntrepreneurJulia Barnickle is a film maker, photographer, artist and writer, and the founder of The Quiet Entrepreneur community for introverts in business. She offers visibility coaching to raise your online profile, and helps you create videos to promote and deliver your services.

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  • Thanks – good to read you as always, Julia….a great help in remembering that there are a lot of us confident-and-able beings, though beings who are also sometimes shy and easily ‘spun out’ by over-communication…

    • Thanks Rose – the trick is to mange the communication so that it’s not overwhelming. And it’s definitely an evolving process…

  • Great topic, Julia! As an introvert who’s also been a professional copywriter for over 5 years now, I can say that writing “to a single person” in your email or blog is important not just for us as introverts, but for ANYONE who wants to write engaging, compelling copy.

    One of the techniques I use with my clients when we’re trying to get the language right for a web page or email is to ask them to imagine they’re sitting across the table, enjoying a cup of coffee and a chat with their ideal reader. I ask them to imagine the terms they’d use (and the ones they wouldn’t), and the topics they’d focus on (and the ones they’d avoid).

    It’s amazing how much easier that simple visualisation can make it for them to write copy that really connects with their readers 🙂


    Tanja @ Conscious Introvert Success` recently posted..“Awesome Introverts Amongst Us” Interview: Jessica LeeMy Profile

    • That’s a really great technique, Tanja – thanks for that! I agree, we all (introverts and extroverts alike) need to write as though we’re speaking to a single person – and as introverts, knowing that will hopefully help us to feel more at ease, rather than panicking because we think we’re addressing a huge audience! 🙂

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