Awesome Introverts Interview for Tanja Gardner

Julia Barnickle being interviewed by Tanja Gardner

This month I was interviewed by Tanja Gardner for her Conscious Introvert Success website. Tanja’s introduction reads:

“Julia and I met through a mutual friend who realised we were both passionate about serving introverts and wanted to introduce us. Since then, we’ve really built a strong business friendship. (We’re even discussing a JV training session… keep an eye out for that over the coming months!) [note from Julia: it’s going to be great – I’m looking forward to it!]

I love her recognition that being comfortable alone can actually help you to ensure you only work with clients who are genuinely a good fit. Plus her advice to avoid comparing yourself with extroverts goes straight to the heart of one THE three biggest energy drains for introverts.”

~Blessings, TANJA

Unfortunately, the interview is no longer available on Tanja’s website.

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