Introversion As A Superpower

Tazeen Ahmad - The School Of Life - Introversion As A Superpower

I’ve just signed up for a lunchtime seminar at The School Of Life, in London, on the topic of Introversion – A Superpower. The speaker is Tazeen Ahmad, an experienced journalist and TV news reporter.

The aim of the seminar is to “explore how the introvert can understand, improve and thrive in their professional life”. I’m imagining there will be mostly introverts there, which should give me an opportunity to network in relative safety!

I’m not sure that I agree with the concept of Introversion as a Superpower.

The problem with the “introvert revolution” that we’re currently experiencing is that it could be construed as saying that introverts are “better” than extroverts – which just isn’t true. We all have value in our individual and unique ways.

I suppose it’s akin to the early days of the feminist movement. At times, I felt that also went a bit over the top – but it’s understandable after generations of being seen as second-class citizens.

The School Of Life runs quite a few workshops and seminars with Introversion as the topic, if you’re able to get to London.

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