About Julia Barnickle – The Quiet Entrepreneur

Julia Barnickle - The Quiet Entrepreneur, film maker, introvert business coachHello!

I’m Julia Barnickle, film maker, polyglot, highly sociable INFP introvert business coach – and founder of “The Quiet Entrepreneur”.

Having failed to find success by following the marketing advice given by extroverts, I came to the conclusion that there is a better way for introverts to promote a lifestyle business – a quieter way.

So I’ve stopped networking and doing a lot of the face-to-face stuff that used to drain me of energy. Now I mainly use the internet. It’s the ideal medium for introverts in business – enabling us to connect with like-minded people, both near and far, without having to actually rub shoulders with them! ūüėČ

I now specialise in helping Quiet Entrepreneurs create marketing and training videos, to showcase the great work you do.

Career Background

IBM, BBC, SHL, Novartis, Barclays, Alliance UniChem logosDuring a 20 year career as an IT consultant, I worked on projects for organisations around the world, including IBM, BBC, SHL, Novartis, Barclays and UniChem, implementing systems to support business processes and provide coaching, on-line training and connection with peers in the global business community.

Training and Qualifications

  • BA (Hons) Modern Languages
  • BPS Level A, Occupational Testing and Personality Profiling (SHL)
  • Trinity College Certificate in TESOL
  • Inspired Coach – Institute of Human Development
  • Professional Coaching Certificate (ICF accredited) – The Kerslake Company
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Mind Training Systems
  • Time Line Therapy¬ģ and Create Your Future Coaching¬ģ Master Practitioner – Mind Training Systems
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnosis – Mind Training Systems
  • Certified NLP Master Coach – Mind Training Systems
  • Licensed Profiting From Your Passions¬ģ career coach (affiliate link) – Valerie Young

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Guest Blog Posts, Interviews and conferences

I have been interviewed or written guest articles for the following radio shows, blogs and magazines, and spoken at the following conferences:

Polyglot Gathering, Berlin, Germany – May 2016
Do Introverts Make the Best Polyglots?

The Telegraph – November 2015
Quiet entrepreneurs – how to succeed in a noisy world

Profit InŇ°pirujte Sa magazine, Slovakia – April 2014
“Nen√°padn√° podnikateńĺka” (“The Quiet Entrepreneur”)
Profit Magazine - interview with Julia Barnickle, The Quiet Entrepreneur, introvert coach

Tanja Gardner – Conscious Introvert Success – March 2014
Awesome Introverts Amongst Us

Inner Winner conference, Bratislava, Slovakia – March 2014
The Quiet Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success for Introverts
Julia Barnickle - Inner Winner conference, Slovakia 2014

Mary Joyce – The Resources Queen – January 2014
Mindset and Marketing for Introverts in Business

Laynita L Cichy – Design Inspired Lives – October 2013
Empowering Introverts radio interview (audio files open in a new window):
Part 1 – my personal story and journey (18 mins)
Part 2 – the Introvert story (20 mins)
Part 3 – Introverts in relationships (18 mins)
Part 4 – Introverts in business (24 mins)


My vision for The Quiet Entrepreneur website is to build and promote a community of introvert experts; help you get clarity about your strengths, business vision and marketing strategy; and enable you to make a difference in the world by delivering your message on-line to an international audience – while managing your energy and fully honouring your introvert strengths.

This is why I created The Quiet Entrepreneur Facebook group and The Quiet Entrepreneur Introvert Business Directory.

Between 2008 and 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer three times. In 2014 the cancer had spread to my spine, and in 2016 to my brain – so, although each time it has been successfully treated, I have a double reason for wanting to maintain healthy energy levels. My vision for myself is to inspire and empower other introverts; to lead by example; and to ensure I get the right amount of personal space and alone time for myself.

To find out more about how I can help you, or if you’d like to collaborate on a project, please complete the form on the Contact page

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