Client Testimonials

Filming “About Me” mini documentary videos

“I felt relaxed and unpressured and able to be myself”

rona-steinberg“OMG I have tears in my eyes – I love it so much. You are a genius. Thank you so much. And I love the out take – it has to stay. This is your medium – you have captured me perfectly. It feels warm and light and I sound like me and look like me – I can recognise myself – and all the little creative touches are so clever.”

“The big thing for me about being filmed by Julia was that I felt really relaxed and unpressured and able to be myself in a way I could recognise when I saw the final result. I felt really seen and understood by Julia and that was reflected in how she managed to capture my essence naturally and effortlessly. Plus the day of filming was really creative and good fun.”
Rona Steinberg – Outloud Coaching

“You helped me zoom in on what’s important to me and my business”

beverley-glick“Wow – I LOVE it! The way you have edited it together and included the old photos is SO clever. The soundtrack works really well too. I’m actually speechless! You have such a talent for this! Amazing. You have done a brilliant job – I’m so thrilled with the promo. It’s great fun to film and you’ve helped me zoom in on what’s important to me and my business. Thanks again Julia, you’re a star.”

“I don’t feel particularly comfortable on camera so it was a revelation to me that I could enjoy the process of being filmed! Julia was always unobtrusive yet gently encouraging and directive when necessary – especially when I was not being myself. She helped me relax into the filming and I’m absolutely thrilled with the end result – it looks natural and captures me very well.”
Beverley Glick – The Story Archeologist

“So pleased you encouraged me to do it and made it fun”

lynda-kelly“Julia, you are amazing! I love it! Being in front of the camera doesn’t happen often – so pleased you encouraged me to do it and made it fun.”
Lynda Kelly – Photographer & Record Keeper

“It really captures me and my story”

leda-sammarco“A big thank you for my video. I love it! It really captures me and my story. I thought I would feel self-conscious being filmed, but it felt perfectly natural because I was in my natural habitat… a bookstore. I think you’ve created something special with these inspirational films, and I encourage you to keep going and offer this wonderful service to others.”
Leda Sammarco – The Book Detective

“I feel seen and understood in a way I so rarely do”

julia-elmore“I just watched the video and it is hard to put into words how I feel. I got chills watching it. You have really captured me… in the sense that I feel seen and understood in a way I so rarely do. It was such a moving experience… the whole process… it was a privilege to spend the day with you, I loved our chats and time together so much and then this… it is magic. The music is poignant and the whole video comes full circle so beautifully. I think you have done a truly wonderful job and I will be proud to share this. I am so very grateful to you. As one so rarely on that side of the camera, you have given me a real gift with what you created here. I am close to tears. Thank you so much.”
Julia Elmore – Artist

Business Coaching

“I came away from the session inspired to move forward with my plans”

“I recently had a coaching session with Julia having left my Corporate role at the start of the year to embark upon my own business. Julia spent a great deal of time talking through a writing project I am working on with me, which gave me greater insight and clarity to enable me to take the next step. In particular, Julia really understands the way that introverts work and how those characteristics can help you or hold you back in business. Julia’s manner is professional, and she put me so at ease that I really felt like I was having a chat with an old friend the whole time. Above all else I came away from the session inspired to move forward with my plans.”
Lynsey Whitehouse:

“I felt reassured and heard”

“I found Julia to be supportive and knowledgeable, as well as down to earth and witty. I felt reassured and heard, and that she tuned in to my personality and situation, giving me some handy hints and tips to help me take another step toward releasing my inner entrepreneur! She is caring, understanding and a great listener – what you’d expect from an introvert.”
Esther Lemmens:

“Julia got to the heart of the matter very quickly”

“Julia got to the heart of the matter very quickly and made some valuable suggestions on how to progress with my project. Her advice has been very helpful to me.”
Nicla Williams:

“Feeling more positive about our future business growth”

“Since working with Julia, I’m feeling more positive about our future business growth. We have been implementing a variety of new marketing ideas. It was a good decision to get more staff in the office, which was one of Julia’s recommendations. I feel less pressurised and we are able to use my time and the time of my colleague more efficiently. Importantly, I find I have more opportunities to take an overview of the business rather than get involved in every nitty gritty detail.”
Karin Verzariu: /

“The cool voice of reason in the face of overwhelm”

“Julia is the cool voice of reason in the face of overwhelm. She has an amazing mind which comes up with out of the box, creative solutions. Working with her is so much fun.”

Martine Brennan:

“I really appreciate your time and sharing”

“I just wanted to thank you very much for our walk and chat on Friday. I may not have said it, but I find it really valuable and a few of the things you said, really sat with me and gave me some food for thought over the weekend, that I went back to your Blog last night and read the last 5 posts again! Thank you for being there – I really appreciate your time and sharing!”
Robyn Hatley:

“Great balance between building relationships and getting results”

“Julia is an excellent coach and asks the questions that get to the crux of where an issue lies in order to get great results. She is empathetic yet effective and has great balance between building great relationships and getting results for you. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Rosa Whitehead:

Creating Digital Products / On-line Training Programmes

“Julia’s knowledge, guidance and support has been invaluable”

Graham Wason - client creating on-line training programmes“Julia has been helping all being well to develop our first e-learning programme. Initially she provided copies of her guidance for creating online training programmes, which helped us to think through our target audience, proposed structure and format of materials and pricing. Julia is now helping us to make this program available online for purchase in two versions (facilitated and non-facilitated) and she will provide guidance on how to market it. Julia’s knowledge, guidance and support has been invaluable throughout.”
Graham Wason:

Website Review / SEO training

“Should be engaged regularly to ensure website success”

“Julia is refreshingly thorough when going over website layout and content. She clearly has extensive experience in a range of IT and can advise on all points of social media and what works. She should be engaged regularly to ensure optimum website success.”
Kerrie Dorman:

“Advised me on SEO and info on web platforms/strategy”

“Julia advised me on SEO and info on web platforms/strategy for my businesses over the phone. She gave me lots of detailed information which was useful for my new projects. I would recommend her to anyone requiring website design, implementation and SEO.”
John Flowerdew:

“Personable, open, caring and with great technical knowledge”

“I recently had a website audit with Julia. It was great to have Julia cast her expert eye over my site and deliver her constructive feedback in a non judgemental way that I could both appreciate, understand and implement. I found Julia to be personable, open, caring and with great technical knowledge & ability – a rare combination!”
Kay Gill:

“Impressed with her knowledge and her top tips”

“I spent a valuable hour with Julia focusing on my website. I was impressed with her knowledge and her top tips that I was able to implement myself to improve visitor’s experience. If you get invited to join Julia on one of her webinars, do! Thanks Julia, I look forward to the next one :)”
Jo James:

“Able to explain in a very clear and uncomplicated way”

“I had a telephone coaching session with Julia to improve the look and feel of my website. The comments that she made were creative, inspired and relevant for what was needed to make my website a more effective marketing tool.

In the past I have found that many computer experts deliver their helpful tips and hints in such complicated technical jargon that one is left wondering what on earth they are talking about. Julia was able to explain to me what needed to be done to my website in a very clear and uncomplicated way, without either leaving me in the dark or perhaps worse still, talking to me as if I was a half-wit!

I have much work to do to carry out all of the suggestions that she made, but I am on the way to a bright and shiny new website that will pull in confused gardeners from all around the town!

Auntie Planty thanks you Julia – you are a true genius!”
Valerie McBride-Munro:

“Useful advice and integration of SEO methods”

“Just a quick note to thank you for all of your hard work on helping create my new website. It has been very well received by my clients. Also on your useful advice and integration of SEO methods on the new site. Thanks also for delivering on time and on budget.”
Sophocles Alexiou:

“Guided me constructively and creatively”

“It has been delightful working with you. You have been very patient with my complete lack of knowledge of technology and have guided me constructively and creatively towards re-designing my website to be more search-engine friendly. Thank you very much for your support and guidance.”
Monika Key:

“Her knowledge of SEO is excellent”

“Julia’s workshop was inspiring. Her knowledge of SEO is excellent, she has the ability to convey it clearly and simply, and she gives realistic advice which can be put into practice immediately.”
Anne Wright:

“Invaluable for anyone wanting to promote their business”

“Julia had a knack of summarising the main points and spoke coherently about the importance of creating a search-engine friendly website – tips which are invaluable for anyone wanting to promote their business through their online presence. ”
Sara Cheston:

“It gave me a better understanding about how search engines work”

“It gave me a much better understanding about how search engines work and what I can do as a non-techie to improve my Google ranking and get my website found. ”
Anne Williams: