Submit An Article To The Quiet Entrepreneur

My intention for The Quiet Entrepreneur is to build a community of introverts in business, who are helping each other to succeed.

For that reason, I’m looking for people to contribute guest blog posts – to both boost interest in your own website and share quality content with The Quiet Entrepreneur community.


I’m specifically looking for original articles on the following topics:

  1. Introverts in Business
    Did you start your own business after working as an employee? What made you change? How does having your own business play to your introvert strengths, compared with working for someone else? What are the benefits and drawbacks of being an introvert in business?
  2. Introverts and Extroverts
    Are you an Introvert who has partnered with an Extrovert for a specific project? What made you decide to work together? Were you each able to play to your strengths? Did you find it more, or less productive? (I want to hear both sides of the story!)
  3. Business Tips for Introverts
    Are you a Quiet Entrepreneur who has built a successful business around your Introvert strengths? Do you have tips you would like to share with other Quiet Entrepreneurs, on the best ways to promote your business as an Introvert – either on-line or off-line?

Submitting an article

The ideal word count is around 500 words. Business Tips could go up to a max of 1,000 words, broken up into very clear sections. I want the articles to be easily readable and digestible, rather than wordy.

Let me know you’re a kindred spirit by commenting on The Quiet Entrepreneur blog posts and sharing them with your followers, before you submit an article. The more you join in, the more we can all benefit.

Once you’ve submitted an article, I’ll check it meets the guidelines and schedule it for publication. I’ll then let you know when it will be published, so you can tell your followers and I’ll also tell mine. We both benefit from increased exposure.

For more details, or to submit an article, please complete the form on the Contact page