The Quiet Entrepreneur’s Guide to
Video Creation for Introverts

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As an introvert, you might think you’d rather die than appear on camera!

And if that’s how you feel, that’s fine. Doing to-camera videos isn’t for everyone – and there’s no way I would try to try to persuade you to do something that doesn’t suit you. There are already enough people out there doing that!

Do you do live workshops or talks?

Do you love delivering live training courses or talks, but find them time consuming and energy draining? Not just the delivery, but the organisation too – trying to get enough “bums on seats” to at least cover the cost of venue hire?

That’s how I felt – and I wanted to find an alternative that would be just as effective, but a lot less draining, and easier to produce and market.

Video is the next best thing to “live” appearances

As introverts, we prefer to spend one-to-one time with people – but that can be expensive for some clients. So it’s handy to include some form of group coaching or training courses in your portfolio.

Using to-camera videos enables you to get up-close and personal with your audience, because you effectively achieve eye contact when you’re looking at the camera. So to someone who’s watching your videos, it’s like having you in their living room. Just the two of you. Which is a bit like a live appearance with just one special person in the audience!

Cherry Douglas -

“Your video has a lovely intimate feel to it.”

“Julia, your video has a lovely intimate feel to it like you are just chatting to me on the opposite sofa. Love it!”

Cherry Douglas:


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Do you feel shy in front of a large group of people?

Now I know that not all introverts are shy – but if you feel uncomfortable talking to an audience, then video is a good half-way house, and it can help you to build your confidence if you would like to be a speaker or trainer.

Do you dislike writing?

It’s a bit of a myth that ALL introverts enjoy writing. So if you don’t enjoy writing – or, for example, if you have dyslexia – you might find it easier to do video blogs, where you simply talk about a topic on camera.

You don’t need to be an extrovert

I’m an introvert. Admittedly, I enjoy performing on stage – but that’s not unusual. A lot of performers are introverts. But if you meet me in person, one-to-one, I’m calm and quietly spoken.

The point is, you don’t have to jump up and down, or shout on video. By its very nature, video is quite intimate – so it’s OK to talk calmly, quietly and thoughtfully. (And feel free to ignore people who tell you otherwise!)

Starla King -

“The calm presence of your video sucked me in.”

“Julia, I almost never watch “marketing” videos any more — but after reading your blog post, this introvert clicked immediately to your site and was watching your video before I could even think. The calm presence of your video sucked me in and I smiled the whole way through it. I realized how often I feel completely bombarded by videos and websites and can’t flee from them fast enough. Not so with yours.”

Starla J King:


It’s all about Rapport

There’s no doubt that people like to get to know you before they will do business with you – but if you’re not meeting people face-to-face, how do you build rapport with them?

It’s said that “the camera never lies” – of course, this isn’t true. But with video – especially home-made videos – it very much is a case of “what you see is what you get.” And video is absolutely all about building rapport – which is why it’s important to learn how you can come across as your authentic self on camera, rather than a rabbit in the headlights.

Video makes it do-able

When you can film videos from home, including marketing and delivering them entirely on-line, it can make a huge difference to your ability to deliver valuable content to a wider audience, without the energy drain.

I no longer have to worry about having enough energy to see a project through. I do it all in my own time, to suit my own needs. It means I can make more of a difference in the world, without exhausting myself in the process.

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The Quiet Entrepreneur’s Guide to Video Creation for Introverts

If any of the above scenarios look or sound familiar – and assuming that you would like to use to-camera videos in your business – then The Quiet Entrepreneur’s Guide to Video Creation for Introverts could be just what you need.

My experience

Julia Barnickle - The Quiet EntrepreneurI’m Julia Barnickle, “The Quiet Entrepreneur”, and I’ve been filming to-camera videos for my business since 2010. I mostly use video for on-line training courses, and for opt-in and sales pages.

I do sometimes film videos for newsletters or blog posts, but not as often. I don’t tend to use to-camera videos for marketing purposes, and I wouldn’t call myself a video marketing guru. Having said that, one of my videos got to #1 position on page 1 of Google within less than 3 days.

So I do know a thing or two about video marketing – and it’s very easy!

The reason I created this programme is because some of the participants on previous on-line programmes said how much they liked my videos, and they wanted to know how I made them. More importantly, they wanted to know how to come across authentically on camera – which is the main focus of the programme.

As an introvert myself (INFP), I offer mindset and marketing support for introverts in business – and I’m always looking for introvert-friendly ways to do business, both for myself and for my clients.

J’adore video!

But it wasn’t always that way. As you’ll see from my early videos and out takes, on the programme, it took me a while to get comfortable being on camera – and even now I can sometimes get tongue tied or completely lose the plot!

As I mentioned, most of my videos are for e-courses, so they’re not publicly available – but here are a few public examples:

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What’s included in the programme

The Quiet Entrepreneur’s Guide to Video Creation for Introverts is an 8 week video-based training course, delivered online. Each week, a new module will be published. There are 18 videos in total, which adds up to approximately 5 hours of video over the duration of the course.

Some videos are of me talking to-camera, and some (for the editing modules) are where I share my screen while I edit a video. For each to-camera video, there is a downloadable mp3 audio and PDF transcript, so that you can refer to the content without being connected to the internet.

The course also includes worksheets to help you consolidate the learning from the to-camera videos, and some additional resources in the form of 3rd party videos.

You will have lifetime access to all the course materials from a private members’ area. You will also have access to a private, introvert-friendly Facebook group, enabling you to ask questions and share your videos to get feedback and support from myself and from other members of the group.

Video topics

To-camera videos:

  • Intro – including tips on how and where to use video, and video length
  • Choosing video equipment, microphones and tripods without breaking the bank
  • How to use lighting, including drawbacks of natural daylight and artificial light
  • Sounding your best when you speak – speed, intonation, emphasis – and scripts
  • Looking your best on camera – including a snippet of colour psychology!
  • How to relax and get comfortable on camera, and shine through as your authentic self
  • “Interview” video technique for when you’re feeling nervous or interviewing someone else
  • Out-takes and clips from my early videos (for a bit of a laugh, and to show nobody’s perfect!)
  • Outro – bringing the programme to a close

Screen-sharing Videos:

  • Editing videos using Windows Movie Maker (version 2012) on a PC, or iMovie (version 10.0.5) on a Mac, including titles, credits, music and captions
  • Uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo
  • Adding videos to WordPress or e-mails
  • Understanding the basics of video marketing and keyword research

Previous participants on the course share their experience of
The Quiet Entrepreneur’s Guide to Video Creation for Introverts

Louise Watson (

Ann Brown from HappyBeingYou (

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Any Questions?

When does the programme start?

The programme will re-launch in TBA 2017. Once the programme has launched, you can sign up as and when you like, and the content will be “drip-fed” to you over 8 weeks from sign-up, to make it easier for you to absorb. As I mentioned earlier, you will have lifetime access to all the course materials once you have completed the course, and you are welcome to continue posting your videos in the Facebook group for as long as you like.

How much does the programme cost?

The price for the programme is £TBA, which is amazing value. The videos alone are worth more than £300 – and you’ll be getting on-going support from me in the Facebook group.

However, if you register before 1st January 2017, you’ll qualify for a 20% early bird discount!.

Please note: if you live in the EU, VAT will be added at checkout.

How long are the videos?

The videos are each between 5 to 15 minutes – I kept them as short as possible so I wouldn’t send anyone to sleep! 😉 And you can download the mp3 and the PDF transcript for the to-camera videos, so you don’t have to keep watching the videos over and over again. There’s approximately 5 hours of video in total over the duration of the course.

I know that some people aren’t all that keen on watching training videos – but these are such an integral part of the programme that I would say: if you don’t like watching videos, then this probably isn’t the programme for you. (Besides which, the idea is that you’ll start creating videos yourself – so you can get your own back!!)

Do I need a Facebook account?

If you want to join the private Facebook group, where you will be able to ask questions if you get stuck implementing what you’ve learned from the training modules, and share your progress to get feedback from other members of the group – then YES! 🙂

Is it compulsory to join the Facebook group?

No, it’s not compulsory – if you really hate Facebook, or don’t currently have an account, then you might prefer not to join.

However, from personal experience of being in various Facebook groups, I would say that the support you get is invaluable for keeping you positive, focused and on-track, even when the technology drives you insane or you feel you may have turned into a drivelling idiot! (And Louise agrees with me, in her video testimonial above)

The Facebook group will be private – which means that only members of the group can see what is being shared and discussed. The posts will appear on your feed (which freaks some people out a bit at first), but rest assured that nobody outside of the group will be able to see those posts.

Will I get any one-to-one support?

The Quiet Entrepreneur’s Guide to Video Creation for Introverts is a “group” programme, with support from me through the private Facebook group – which helps to keep the cost down.

If, at any time after purchasing the programme, you feel you would benefit from one-to-one support, I am more than happy to work with you on that basis. Course participants and alumni benefit from a 10% discount on my usual coaching fee. Simply contact me to arrange a session (you will get my e-mail address when you sign up).

Do you offer a guarantee?

Normally, when a programme is delivered digitally, there is no refund policy. However: if, within 30 days, you believe that the programme did not deliver on its promises – and if I’m unable to help you find a solution – then I will gladly refund your investment. In return, it would help me if you could let me know what exactly didn’t work, so that I can improve the programme for other participants.

The Quiet Entrepreneur’s Guide to Video Creation is currently being revised. If you would like to receive notification of the re-launch, enter your details below.

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If you’re an introvert, you like my videos, and you’d like to be able to create videos like mine for your business, then join me for The Quiet Entrepreneur’s Guide to Video Creation for Introverts.

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you in the videos! 🙂

Best Wishes


Julia Barnickle