Feature In Your Own Documentary Film

I help you tell your story through film, because I understand how difficult it can be to explain what you do in your business clearly and succinctly.

As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words – and moving pictures even more so. By showing your audience what you do, rather than just telling them, your message comes across more clearly – and all YOU have to do is be yourself! 🙂

I offer three styles of short documentary films, between one to five minutes in length:

  • To-camera interview, possibly interspersed with other film clips, photographs and background music
  • Collage of photographs, film clips and captions with voice-over and/or background music
  • Film clips and/or photographs of you in action, e.g. at a workshop or event, or creating art, with background music and/or voice-over

Please note: personal filming is currently only available in London.

Rona Steinberg

“OMG I have tears in my eyes – I love it so much. You are a genius. Thank you so much. And I love the out take – it has to stay. This is your medium – you have captured me perfectly. It feels warm and light and I sound like me and look like me – I can recognise myself – and all the little creative touches are so clever.”

“The big thing for me about being filmed by Julia was that I felt really relaxed and unpressured and able to be myself in a way I could recognise when I saw the final result. I felt really seen and understood by Julia and that was reflected in how she managed to capture my essence naturally and effortlessly. Plus the day of filming was really creative and good fun.”
Rona Steinberg – Outloud Coaching

Beverley Glick

“Wow – I LOVE it! The way you have edited it together and included the old photos is SO clever. The soundtrack works really well too. I’m actually speechless! You have such a talent for this! Amazing. You have done a brilliant job – I’m so thrilled with the promo. It’s great fun to film and you’ve helped me zoom in on what’s important to me and my business. Thanks again Julia, you’re a star.”

“I don’t feel particularly comfortable on camera so it was a revelation to me that I could enjoy the process of being filmed! Julia was always unobtrusive yet gently encouraging and directive when necessary – especially when I was not being myself. She helped me relax into the filming and I’m absolutely thrilled with the end result – it looks natural and captures me very well.”
Beverley Glick – The Story Archeologist

Lynda Kelly

“Julia, you are amazing! I love it! Being in front of the camera doesn’t happen often – so pleased you encouraged me to do it and made it fun.”
Lynda Kelly – Photographer & Record Keeper

Leda Sammarco

“A big thank you for my video. I love it! It really captures me and my story. I thought I would feel self-conscious being filmed, but it felt perfectly natural because I was in my natural habitat… a bookstore. I think you’ve created something special with these inspirational films, and I encourage you to keep going and offer this wonderful service to others.”
Leda Sammarco – The Book Detective

Julia Elmore

“I just watched the video and it is hard to put into words how I feel. I got chills watching it. You have really captured me… in the sense that I feel seen and understood in a way I so rarely do. It was such a moving experience… the whole process… it was a privilege to spend the day with you, I loved our chats and time together so much and then this… it is magic. The music is poignant and the whole video comes full circle so beautifully. I think you have done a truly wonderful job and I will be proud to share this. I am so very grateful to you. As one so rarely on that side of the camera, you have given me a real gift with what you created here. I am close to tears. Thank you so much.”
Julia Elmore – Artist

“THANK YOU SO MUCH… I LOVE IT! I love what you captured there and the music is just right too.”
Julia Elmore