How to Overcome the Top 5 Challenges for Introverts in Business

As an introvert, promoting your business, do you worry about coming across as pushy or arrogant?
Do you wonder where you’re going to find the energy to run a more successful business?

Julia BarnickleI’m Julia Barnickle, from The Quiet, and I’ve definitely had those concerns in the past – and others. That’s why I founded The Quiet Entrepreneur, to help introverts be more successful in business by playing to introvert strengths and honouring introvert needs.

Recently, I polled around 100 introverts to find out their biggest challenges when it comes to promoting the business. Do you recognise the top 5 challenges?

  • Being told you should behave like an extrovert
  • Feeling pushy / arrogant / a know-all / show-off
  • Managing your energy
  • Selling / pricing / money
  • Making yourself heard in groups

I want to help you make a bigger difference in the world – while staying true to your introvert personality.

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How To Overcome The Top 5 Challenges
Faced By Introverts In Business

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