Camille Jeanmonod – Why Only One?

Career Change Coaching, Life Coaching
Camille JeanmonodSome people are content being steadily employed, with a predictable work pattern and an outlined career path.

But if, deep down you know this isn’t the right path for you – or if you feel restless, bored or empty in some way – what you need is someone to put you back on the right path… for you!

Camille is a registered Profiting From Your Passions coach and psychologist.

She helps multipassionate people (Scanners, Renaissance Souls or Multipotentialites) create (or recreate) a life and career that is custom made for them – whether that be a portfolio career, starting a business or staying in a job and creating space for their different interests.

Services offered:

  • Life Coaching
  • Career Change Coaching

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