Esther Lemmens – Zesty Design

Branding, Graphic Design
Esther Lemmens - Zesty DesignBrand Integrity, Simplified.

Esther is deeply committed to helping busy entrepreneurs establish high integrity branding in simple, practical ways so that they can get on with doing what they love, making a difference in their customers’ lives.

She enjoys helping entrepreneurs attract their ideal customers with professionally designed, consistently applied, high integrity branding that inspires confidence and trust.

Services offered:

  • Brand Integrity – feedback on your brand presence and how it could look more professional and consistent.
  • Brand application – consistent implementation of your brand across digital and print documents and your online presence.
  • Brand improvement – developing a unique, visual presence that sets your company apart in the eyes of loyal customers.

Contact Esther to receive a check list and set up an appointment for a free 20 minute Brand Integrity Consultation via phone/Skype (voice).

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