Carla Watkins – Business Catalyst

Business Coaching / Mentoring, Photography
Carla WatkinsCarla is a photographer, writer and dreamer who helps people show up in the world as their true self – whatever they’re doing.

Her favourite thing is small creative businesses and their owners – she photographs them in their natural habitats, letting them show their real selves to their customers.

She also boosts their confidence & enthusiasm with catalyst sessions, helping her clients get excited about their businesses & moving them forward.

Carla is also a lifestyle & pet photographer, an experienced writer, editor & proofreader, a professional mermaid, a stationery addict & an occasional burlesque dancer. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of her work focuses on being a Scanner / multipotentialite…!

Services offered:

  • Photography with soul for your gorgeous business
  • The Business Soloists Club – for multipods in business (you’re not alone!!)
  • Catalyst sessions to supercharge your business confidence

Contact Carla by email and let’s talk about what bespoke photography could do for your business.

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Cynthia Manan – Piano & Art Lessons

Art Lessons, Piano Lessons
Cynthia MananCynthia’s passion is creating nurturing, safe spaces for people to explore their creative expression.

She teaches piano and art lessons, each with the focus on the uniqueness of the individual she’s teaching.

​Cynthia loves to work 1:1 and create that very special connection between teacher and student. She loves the moments of discovery and the release of creativity — these things are just as important as technique and skill.

Services offered:

  • Piano lessons for beginner to immediate for children of all ages and adults
  • Expressive art lessons for women seeking answers, insight, and the spark of life
  • Beginner art lessons for children, with a focus on imagination, intuition and expression

Contact Cynthia by email to enquire about lessons in Fremont, CA.

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Tim Gray – Words That Change The World

Editing, Website Design, Website Support
Tim GrayPeople uncovering their gifts to help others and make a difference often get stuck on how to get their inner messages out and connect with their audience clearly and authentically.

Especially if they’re introverts!

Tim combines helpful conversations and practical communication skills to guide you to an online presence that fits you and serves your audience.

Services offered:

  • Exploring your authentic message elements and supporting you to show who you are and what you do
  • Editing and honing text to get your message across clearly and with impact
  • Renovating WordPress sites that don’t fit you any more, or creating a new starter site

Contact Tim to arrange a free 30-minute discovery session to see where you’re at.

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Nicla Williams – The Runaway Italian

Residential Retreats, Travel Guides / Planning
Nicla WilliamsNicla helps her customers by crafting custom-made travel advice and planning tailored exactly to their needs, passions and interests.

Her travel services provide memorable experiences that connect clients to local culture, as well as reconnecting them to self-care and creativity.

Nicla is passionate about restoring your well-being through sustainable travel that respects local traditions and helps the local economy thrive.

The experiences she will suggest for you and that she will lead you on will fulfil your dreams and create special memories that will get talked about for years to come!

Services offered:

  • Custom-made travel planning to secret Italy
  • Planning and leading of custom-made tours and retreats in secret Italy
  • Personalised travel itineraries and guides to undiscovered Italy

Contact Nicla by email or on her website for a free 30 minute Travel Planning Taster.

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Val Nelson – The Black Swan Coach

Business Coaching / Mentoring, Career Change Coaching, Life Coaching, Visibility Coaching
Val Nelson - The Black Swan CoachVal helps caring introverted women find their clarity, confidence, and momentum to bring their valuable gifts to the world, while being true to their caring introverted nature.

She offers heartful and practical support, both individually and in groups, bringing a mindful and heartful approach to her work, and connecting around spiritual topics.

Check out her Introvert SOULpreneurs group and the Swan Sisterhood group for kindred spirit connections and support for your goals.

Services offered:

  • Soulful Coaching and Groups for Caring Introverted Women: * Business * Career * Life * Purpose

Take Val’s quiz about whether her coaching is a fit for you, and then contact Val from there for a free initial consult.
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